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Gurskøy Freezer Rack

Gurskøy Freezer Rack

Gurskøy Freezer Rack has been designed in close consultation with fish processing plants and freezer system suppliers.

Our Freezer Rack Systems stands out due to rugged construction, true dimensional tolerances and outstanding technical design.

Optimal air circulation means product quality is maintained throughout production.

Many years of experience and reports from satisfied customers world-wide mean that Gurskøy Freezer Racks are the ideal choice.


Product specifications

    • Racks are customized individual production plants regarding to:
      - Height
      - Number of shelves
      - Intervals between shelves
  • The Racks are stackable and locks together by steering brackets
  • Truck can approach from all four sides
  • Sliding shelves available for manual insertion
  • Material: Galvanized steel